Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I thought I was dying...

I woke this morning at 12:45am with the most horrendous pains in my chest. It was difficult for me to catch my breath and I really thought I was having a heart attack! Not to mention I was wondering when exactly I swallowed the tennis ball sized lump that seemed to be sitting right underneath my ribcage. I was SCARED!!!!

My heart was racing in my ears and I started to panic. Should I give Will a nudge beside me and wake him to call an ambulance? Or should I just see how it goes over the next while and see if it starts to alleviate? My choice was to prop myself up in bed with 3 pillows and see what the next few minutes/hours would bring.

I never really slept much afterwards, only dozed off in between the spasms of pain. My logic was that if it were something REALLY serious then the pain would be constant... wouldn't it?

Morning finally came and I was still alive (YAY! or not so yay depending on how you wanna look at it!) I couldn't even drink my fruit tea that Will made for me let alone eat breakfast. I rang our doctors surgery and managed to get an appointment for 9.10 this morning.

A lovely Dr Taylor saw me and listened carefully to how I felt, then thoroughly checked my pulse; my blood pressure; listened to my heart; checked my (very sore) stomach, (very tender) abdomen and back and gave me the good news that my heart sounded healthy and that she could feel nothing sinister going on inside me.

I had wondered whether it was something to do with the peanuts that I'd been snacking on yesterday. (The only difference in my diet yesterday to what I normally eat). There are several foods that I know I can't eat, but peanuts aren't one of them. She feels that my theory is correct and that peanuts are now very much now on my 'do not eat list'. I know I can't have hazelnuts or cashews as I'm intolerant to them but it seems that peanuts are up there with their nutty little mates too now!

I was sent home to bed and to sleep as much as possible. To have a liquid diet for the next 24 hours to try and let my stomach rest up a bit. I slept from about 10:30 until just after 3pm (and I hasten to add, I did manage to sleep safe in the fact that I wasn't about to pop my clogs and check out of this world!)

I'm still very sore tonight. Bless my boy Jacob... he popped round to Tesco when he got home from school to get me some Lucozade to boost my energy levels. What a great son I have. (ooh, by they way he had a Science test today and got 79/82 - and came top of his tutor group!)

I'm currently on another round of pro-biotics to counterract the anti-biotics I had for my tooth absess (read back to when I bit on a breakfast stone!) This means no dairy for 2 weeks while the pro-biotics get into my system again. I'm living off fruit and bloody jacket potatoes with salad at the mo. I'd kill for some chocolate, and in fact I just may do that (when my stomach has settled enough to allow me to eat solid food again) ..... hmm... liquid chocolate - now there's an idea!! Oh sod it, it's got milk in it. There's always something to spoil my fun hehe!

If you're still awake, thanks for reading, if you've fallen asleep by now, you'll not get this far into my post so never mind!



Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie...
I hope your feeling a lot better now!!!Bless Jacob...and
`Well Done`to him for getting top marks...Yaaaah!!!way to go...
Take plenty of rest and keep taking your probiotics...lots a love♥

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Rosie, what a very scary experience. Things like heart attack, panic attack etc do go through your mind but a peanut allergy wouldn't be one of them. Thankfully it's something you can try to avoid. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Best wishes, Kym

Janice said...

:o Rosie, glad you weren't having a heart attack hun. Take care of yourself XXX

Kathy said...

ohhhhhhhh Rosie, that must have been so scary for you hunny. Sending loads of hugs and good wishes your way - make sure you take care of yourself and BE GOOD. hmmm was that a pig I saw fly past the window?

Karen said...

OMG Rosie!!!!! You must have been terrified sweetheart!!! Hope you are feeling a lot better now XXX

Tricia said...

I hope you feel better soon! THat had to have been quite a startle in the middle ofthe night.

Gez said...

Awe honey, just catching up with your blog now. Gosh, you must have been so scared. Bless. X & all that cause of some peanuts.

Take care Rosie. What a wonderful son you have. Hope he got a treat for coming top in his test. :)


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