Sunday, 1 March 2009

Beware spammers!

It seems that the blog spammers are at it again people.

I know that my friend Hazel recently got seriously spammed to the tune of around 50 wierd comments left all over the place on her blog.

This morning I signed in to find 12 comments that all included hyperlinks to other sites that they had tried to leave on my blog. I didn't follow any as you never know a) where they will take you, b) what disgusting stuff you will find if you went there, and c) if the hyperlinks sent you to a site that would automatically download a virus. Luckily I have comment moderation in operation so the comments were easily to select and delete. Poor Hazel had to find all of hers and delete them manually. Must have taken her far too much of her precious time to do.

My advice to you all is to activate your comment moderation. It doesn't stop them playing silly bloody games with your blog but it DOES stop them being published.

Good luck and I hope my advice has stopped someone else out there being a target of this mindlessness!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Very well said Rosie! I use comment moderation and it make sit so much easier to filter out smap or other unwanted guests! X


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