Friday, 8 June 2007

How long has it been...?

Seems ages ago I blogged my photo album and therefore ages ago that I've blogged. Not done too much recently - been a bit under the weather and generally tired. Am getting nagged at to go back to the Doctors, so may have to give in if only for a quiet life!!

My friend had a baby girl on Tuesday morning, they've called her Ruby. I've seen a photo of her but will wait until she comes home to go for my cooing and cuddling. This is the card I made for her...

And another card I made for a friend. It's to celebrate his husband's first birthday since they were married. (I only hope Alex likes his card!)


Kaz said...

Get your stinky butt to the dr's Mrs, do as you're told ;) Seriously though just go and get checked out, I can't help but be wary whenever someone is just under the weather after what happened to me.

Great cards by the way!

Rosie said...

Kaz, you worry too much hun! But fanks anyway for caring xx


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