Friday, 15 June 2007

DCM Mid Week Challenge

This is my second rising to the DCM challenges and my first midweek one. The challenge is as follows:

This week we have a recipe challenge for the Little Extra. There's an old rhyme that tells brides what they should wear on their wedding day to be sure of good luck, it goes:

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

This week we'd like you to incorporate these four things into your card -

It doesn't have to be a Wedding card, despite the verse - just as long as your card features each of those things on it.

So, here's what I came up with....
Old: The Papermania backing papers
New: The large 'golden rod' bloom
Borrowed: The centre of my 'sun' is from a broken necklace
Blue - Well the sky really, some of the journalling and a couple of the flowers.

Whad'ya think? Did I hit the target this time? ;-)


Kaz said...

Yes you hit it slap bang between the eyes ;)!

Those angel blooms are gorgeous aren't they? And I love the journalling around it, it makes it so personal. K x

Gillian Hamilton said...

Rosie this is such a happy card, I love it! I love how you've used the flower for the sun... Great work, so glad you are enjoying the dares, and Yes you've hit the target! lovely work :O)

Kathy said...

oh, it reminds me of a summer's day. Obviously a reminder is just what we need as there's way too much ain atm to actually experience a summer's day.

Lovely happy card, Rosie


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