Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I've been tagged (again!)

Thanks to Kathy (http://kathybsworlduk.blogspot.com/) I've been tagged. I have to tell you 5-10 ways that I come up with things to put on my blog. Well here goes...

1. If I think it ain't too boring, I blog it.

2. If I'm still awake after 5 minutes of thinking about it, I blog it.

3. If I make it and I think that it's semi decent, I blog it.

4. If it'll give you a laugh, I blog it.

5. If it won't give you a laugh, I blog it.

6. If I'm proud of it, I blog it.

Get the drift ;)

Right over to you - Caroline, DiO, CrazyDaisy, Beth, Kaz & Sam

OoOh, and by the way, I loaded up a photo of me in the lorry I drove!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Great answers Rosie - thanks for making me smile on yet another damp, grey morning.

I especially like no 5 - because that about sums up my blog too!


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