Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Freya's story book

Freya asked me to make her a notebook so that she can write all her stories in, so I made her one yesterday. She chose the papers and how she wanted it decorated, I just did the work for her.

When complete, I wrote a little note just for her inside the front cover. It read "To the most beautiful daughter that a Mummy could have. You are more precious to me than life itself. I will love you always, you are a 'mini me!' Lots of love, Mummy xx"

She read the words and had a little think, walked away with her book and came back a few minutes later with a reply, written inside the back cover, just for me. It reads "This is the only thing I will have when my mummy dies. It will remind me of the kind, loving and creative person she was"

How can I add to that...?

1 comment:

Kaz said...

Gorgeous book and gorgeous comments from Freya. Can I read her stories when she's done?


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