Sunday, 6 May 2007

Guess what I did yesterday?

Am such an excited bunny! We were down our yard which is situated on a disused airfield yesterday as Will had to take some promo photos for a brochure and our website at work. My boss told me to get in one of the lorries and drive it - so I did!!!!! All I needed was a Yorkie in my hand and the crack of my bum showing for all the world to see and then I'd be a proper lorry driver!!! LURVED every minute of it and went round the airfield twice just for fun! Never hit a thing (mind you the hare I aimed at was running pretty quickly and I could hardly follow it into the middle of the rapeseed oil crop that it ran into, could I?!) Gonna see if the photo Will took can be cropped and zoomed in on and post it here when it's done.


Di W said...

Would've liked to have seen that!! Did you need a booster seat?!!!!

Frog said...

Rosie thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving me the lovely comments, i must say you have some lovely LO's on your blog something i want to try one day amongst everything else.

Andrea xx

Kathy said...

woowoo - sounds pretty barve to me!

Hey Rosie - guess what?

I've returned the favour and TAGGED you! pop over to my blog for more details!

Beth said...

Wow Rosie, I would love to drive a lorry, brave girl you are too. Let's see if you can get the photo on here so I can have a looksie.

Di W said...

I like the way you've cropped the photo to hide the fact you're just about to hit a brick wall!!!!!!


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