Saturday, 19 May 2007

How to make a journal book

The slide show below shows you how to start and make your own 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm) square book similar to a scrapbook.

Over on the Bubbly Funk Forum we have a new swap starting called 'Where I Live'. The aim is to start yourself a book on where you live. All those involved will create a pair of 6"x6" (15cm x 15cm) pages on their home town for each member of the swap. These will then be distributed out in 'sets' once they're all done. The end result? We will each have our own book of our own home town along with a double page spread of where our Bubbly friends also live.


Beth said...

Wow, look at that lorry you drove, flippin' nora, well done to you Rosie, my Dad would have been proud of you, lol. Love the LO of Will too. I think I might have to do this journal too. Hee, hee.

Di said...

Fabby instructions for the journal hun and I'm just lurving your new blog header....well done you :-)

Sam said...

great instructions Rosie. However, forgive me for being thick, but where do I get the chipboard from? and are the pages made of card? SORRY!!

Rosie said...

Sam, the chipboard is what you find at the back of any A4 notepad that you can buy. I got mine from some boxes of envelopes at work though. If you can't get hold of any that thick, why not try using double thickness of empty cereal packet stuck together? Same result (and easily accessible too!)


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