Sunday, 6 June 2010

Freya's lion

It seems an eternity since I had a computer with internet access in my house.  It's been 2 weeks in reality but feel SOOOOOO much longer!

Anyhoo.  Remember Freya's lion she designed for school?

Well this is what the finished article looks like...

Thanks to she school for teachers and pupils at her school who were involved in turning her design into such an amazing work of art!

The lion cub is now on his way to the Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Northampton to be exhibited along with the rest of the Pride of Northamptonshire before being auctioned off for charity.

Freya was so pleased as our local newspaper visited her school to photograph her with her lion.  To give you an indication of the size of the lion, the centre of the lion's back comes up to her waist!


Saskia said...


Saskia :)

Hannah said...

Oh my Life Rosie that is amazing!
Freya you are a little gem! Well done Honey Pie!!!! xxxxx

Karen said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!! You must be sooo tempted to bid for that gorgeous pice of artwork Rosie, I know I would XXX

Traceyr said...

Oh how did I miss this one?????

Freya that is wonderful you are a clever girl and you will be famous.




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