Saturday, 12 June 2010

The op has been done!

I had the first of my Carpal Tunnel Operations on Tuesday morning and am pleased that everything went according to plan.

This is how I used to sleep with a metal splint on my right hand...

On the way to the surgery I offered Will the chance to change places, but he kindly informed me that it was ok, he didn't mind driving!  I think he misunderstood the offer.  Even in the surgery where I was patiently waiting...

He still refused to swap places with me...

I came out with the most enormous of bandages on my hand...

Which covered my 6 stitches...  (look away now if you're squeamish!)

Until last night, Friday, when it was removed and I now just have a small dressing...

The Consultant, Mr Siddiqui, has made a fantastic job, very neat indeed.  Thanks Doc!

It's a bit sore and is very bruised in the palm but that's to be expected I suppose.  Me, being me, watched him stitch the wound back up.  I couldn't quite watch the initial incision itself or the ligament being cut, but next time on my left hand I will for sure! HEEHEE!

I am now becoming a dab hand at everything left handed, though I can't lift anything and if it's going to fall, I have to remember to let it as it really does hurt like a bitch when you try and catch it!  (...Yes, I have!)

The stitches come out on 21st June after which time I can drive again. No repetitive movements or heavy lifting allowed for at least 6 weeks.

Hmmm... wonder how long until I can craft again...?!  I can type left handed (slowly and with some appalling spelling mistakes), but I'll get there!


Saskia said...

Pfffff... almost felt down!!!

Please take care Rosie!!!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

chris said...

Aww Rosie that looks so painful, hope you will get your crafting use back 100%.
hugs chris xx

Mervi said...

Get well soon!
Pictures looks quite familiar to me, the op has been done to my both wrists too;-))m

Karen said...

Oh Rosie its going to make such a difference having this done! Just be very careful with it my darling X

Lovely stitching....I would want to take them out myself too hahahaha!!! Thanks for the graphics honey, HUGS XXX

Dolly said...

Oooh Rosie, poor you, my legs are all wobbly now. :)xx

Tracy said...

Hope the healing goes well and take care, don't do too much too soon!
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Traceyr said...

wow Rosie that was some bandage - you could have used that in the boxing ring and not felt a thing hahaha

Thanks for the squeemish warning but I had already scrolled down the page. Glad things went well and what a bummer that you can't do the hoovering for at least 6 weeks!

love Tracey x



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