Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Hayley's Notebook

This is what I made for Hayley... Just because she's a lovely, brave young lady who through her blog I'm sure has made a change to so many people's lives. I know she's made me count my own blessings!

And her card to go with it (how co-ordinated is that?! LOL

Don't forget to pop over to Hayley's blog, sponsor her for her Race of Life and then come back and leave me a comment on my other post then you may just be the lucky (or unlucky, depending on which way you look at it) recipient of a notebook of you own!


Amelie said...

i just want to say thanks for all you're doing for Hayley <3 we're internet friends and met up at the zoo once LOL
I organised the photoshoot with cheryl for her... from which i think you found Hayleys blog!
you're been a complete sweetheart!

Karen said...

That is one beautiful book and card Rosie X

Kathy said...

This book, and the card that goes with it are just lovely Rosie and I'm sure Hayley will love them both


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