Monday, 26 May 2008

Oh My!!! Just look at my hit counter!

I can't believe that I've managed to get to 10,000 visitors! Where on Earth did they all come from?

Thank you so much to everyone that's visited me over the past 17 months since I started my blog. I can't remember when I put the hit counter on but I know it wasn't on day one. So thanks to everyone for getting me into 5 figures!

I think it must be high time that I celebrated by offering up some blog candy, don't you?

To be in with a change of winning a freebie, I don't want you to just leave me a message, I'm going to make you do some work for it. I want you to think along the lines of recycling and make something useful from an old coffee jar, tin etc. Publish it in your blog and then come back and leave me a comment here. When I've checked that you've played nicely, I'll add you into a draw in about a week's time. Sound ok? Good! Now get working LOL

I am known to keep my Douwe Egberts coffee jars, alter them and use them to store buttons, Primas, threads, fibres, beads etc. Don't throw them away - tart them up and recycle them!


Kaz said...

Whoo well done you!! I have just the thing to enter for this, if I get round to it lol.

Kaz said...

I've made my effort into the old blog candy giveaway on my blog Mrs G.


Traceyr said...

Congrats Rosie on reaching all them posts.

You do have some great stuff on your blog. x



Karen said...

OMG only just seen this!! What a brilliant challenge Rosie, we should all think about recycling old containers. Will get my bum into gear and see if I can come up with something X

Karen said...

I have made something as well Rosie. I enjoyed this as its made me poke into my recycling containers box!!!

Its over on my blog hon XXX

Sam said...

well done Rosie on so many visitors! I'vemade something (it it counts) it's on my blog

Sam said...

I meant to say IF it counts! (silly mare that I am!!)


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