Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Craft-ED product

This gorgeous Quick Quotes canvas kit is available to buy from me. It measures 6"x6" and includes everything you need (except photographs, an ink pad and glues) to make a magnet backed canvas for you to display your loveliest photo - in my case my beautiful daughter dressed in her finery as a bridesmaid last year. I think it's a fabulous price too at only £7.00. This is ideal for a beginner right through to an experienced crafter.

Contact me to find out how you could get your hands on one to produce your own work of art to be treasured. Great for a gift for grandparents etc. Sorry mum and dad. Love you dearly as I do, I'm keeping this one though! LOL xx


Carol said...

what a gorgeous canvas. the picture you've used is just stunning x

Angelnorth said...

It turned out beautifully Rosie, love it! Hard to go wrong with the fab picture as a starting point but you certainly made the most of it, it's gorgeous!

Kaz said...

Ooo that's lovely Rosie, she's such a sweetie.

Loving the sales pitch!!


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