Sunday, 15 July 2007

Somewhere tidy to keep my discs

I decided I needed somewhere tidy to keep my crafty cd's so, as the boys were watching James Bond 'A View to a Kill' and Freya was reading, I busied myself doing what I love... crafting.

This is now the home to many cd's. May have to make another soon if I get any more...

The CD sleeves I bought in a pack of about 50 from Poundland - bargain or what?

I bought myself a new toy the other day from our company stationers - a Rapesco single hole punch - is this gadget fab or what? Much quicker and easier than the old hole setters (you know the kind) and it goes through chipboard like a hot knife through butter. Best tenner I've spent recently!

I double heat embossed the chipboard letters with red glittery embossing powder then triple clear embossed them to give a lovely, smooth glossy image (and in a moment of stupidness, picked one up while still melted - bloody hell does that sting!)


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