Sunday, 1 April 2007

It's April already!!!

Where does the time go? Can't believe it's April 1st today! Is it a sign of getting old do you think? When I was little it was at least a thousand days between one Christmas and the next, now it's more like a thousand hours! Must be the difference between just getting pressies and having earn the money to buy them!

Dad's birthday later this month - can't believe he's going to be 70 this year! Saying that, at the end of October, so's mum! Strange how your parents don't seem to get old even though you know that you do.

They both do a great job for us - they have the kids each day after school and during the school holidays - just wish the little buggers wouldn't argue as much and wind their grandparents up! They are the only two grandchildren even though I'm the youngest of four. Think the other 3 have more sense than me at times! (Only joking, love the kids really!) Will is the youngest of 3 and the only one with kids. He must have inherited the stupid gene too haha!

Honestly though, I think my kids are absolutely fantastic and love them to bits. We are so proud of everything that they achieve - a real credit to us.

No April Fools jokes played on us today - think that Jacob forgot to be honest, so that's why Freya didn't play any either as her wind up merchant of a brother didn't tell her to!

Took the kids to East Carlton Park this afternoon while the chicken was cooking but forgot to take the camera. The weather was lovely again, blue skies and only a slight chill in the breeze - roll on summer!!!!!


Rachel said...

Hiya Rosie

great to read about your world. I love bloggin - wonder if thats because Im nosy hehe. look forward to reading more!

take care love Rach
aka turtlestres

Rosie said...

Not being nosey at all Rach, just curious about your surrounding earthlings lol ;)


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