Thursday, 19 April 2007

I am a lazy blogger, I am a lazy blogger.......!!!

I must repeat this line 1000 times as punishment for being so lax with my blog - especially as Caroline sweetly puts it "Have to say though, I am amazed that knowing how much you like to talk, you do not chat on your Blog very often.......... " Hmmmpppphhhhh!

Not quite sure where the time has gone recently, what with work, orders for cards, catching up with the Bubbly Funk forum chatterboxes and everyone's lovely blogs, seems to have left little time to do my own. Well ladies and gentlemen, tonight's your lucky night! Brace yourself, sit back, relax and have a laugh on me.......

We spent Easter in Newcastle with our friends, Sam, Carl and Daniel whilst finally getting to meet the new addition to their family - Snowy the rescue dog. Not quite sure what she made of our Maisy as, although she's 3 now, she wants to play almost constantly and couldn't quite fathom out why the aloof girl that Snowy is, wasn't interested!

Normally Will drives to Newcastle but he'd decided it was Megan's weekend away too, and as she's MY CAR I drove. Bloody traffic on the A1 at Scotch Corner was backed up for 4 miles so, in anticipation of this, we went A19 instead. Great road, no hold ups and actually managed to knock 35 minutes off the sat nav's ETA - until we hit the queue for the Tyne Tunnel - 40 bloody minutes sitting in sodding traffic!!!! Buggered my race against the sat nav right out of the window GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Funny thing was that we were sitting in the traffic queue next to this car with a couple of young blonde lovelies inside. Will was dead impressed that they kept looking over in his direction and smiling - UNTIL I pointed out that Maisy was sitting on his knee at that point and that they were eyeing up my dog, NOT my husband HAHAHAHAH! Don't ya just love the power of the female put downs ;)


Di W said...

I'm glad Caroline said it before I did!! I bet Will was loving all the attention till you poured cold water on it!!!

Kaz said...

Aaawww poor Will, bet you loved telling him though!!

Lovely pics of your children Rosie, they're cuties.

Glad to see you blogging again and getting lots of sweary words in lol.

Kathy said...

Did you travel up on Thursday? We'd planned to take the Western Bypass for a change and visit the Angel as it was such a sunny day - but we saw the quese heading off the A1 and detoured onto the A19. And yes, all went swimmingly till we found the queue for the tunnel! We were sat playing I Spy as we crawled slowly towards it....
Still, we did get to Newbiggin in time to have a walk on the prom in the sunshine, so that made everything alright!


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