Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bubbly Funk April Scrapbook Kit

Not normally known as a scrapbooker but I just had to have a go with the contents of the Bubbly Funk April Scrapbook Kit, as it looked sooo scrummy! Apart from the photographs of my two little lovlies I used the contents of the kit (substiting my own slightly larger eyelets for the the ones in the kit though as the little ones kept getting stuck under my finger nails and it was either cut my nails or use my bigger ones........ Stay in the drawer you bad nail clippers!!!!!)


Kaz said...

This is gorgeous Rosie and your children look so happy in their pictures.

Beth said...

Hiya Rosie, love your LO's using the kit, and the photos further down too. The one with your DD taken with the flowers is bootiful. Snazzy notebook too, started mine today, I be so cited. XX

Kathy said...

Rosie, this is fab. I got my kit out of the box, ooohed and ahhhed a bit then had to put it away again - until I've got this book project finished I just daren;t ALLOW myself to be diverted!

Sue said...



Hazel said...

Gorgeous LOs, Rosie!

I've just tagged you!! (Details on my blog)


Di said...

Love your LO's with the kit Rosie


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