Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 has been and gone and I hope that you all had a lovely, happy, family time; full of love, laughter and precious memories.

I was lucky enough to spend the day with my husband, children, parents and one of my sisters.  Unfortunately my other sister was at home in France and my brother lives in South Wales, but they were in our thoughts and hearts that day, as every day.

My fave pressie from my hubbie and my two fantastic kids... a little kitchen indulgence no less ;-)

Sprouts (and lots of them) were being prepared - I lurves sprouts - mine and dad's fave veggies.  But oh WOW I look sleepy eyed and fat in the face in this one. Hellooooo diet in January!

My Christmas angel; oh how she's growing up too fast.  Unfortunately the teen isn't one to pose for the camera, so I can't embarrass show you just how he's growing up and becoming a handsome young man before our eyes.

However, as you can see, not everyone was impressed with their new winter coat!  Or was it that fact that the Santa hat had been placed on her head?

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danemi1 said...

You are all looking really festive - shame we didnt get a piccie of Jacob! Have seen his recent ATC piccie though - wow they are growing so quickly - do I sound like an old dear saying that - lol!!! Totally love the doggie coat and yes the Santa Hat!


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