Saturday, 23 July 2011

Letraset Promarker distressed jeans video

I recently had my friend, the lovely Kirsty Wiseman to stay for the weekend and we had a bit of a colouring session late one night as I was getting samples ready for my Letraset Promarker demonstration on 20th August, and she asked me to make a video on the colour combination I use and my method of producing distressed jeans (because she was rather impressed, if I may say so myself!)

Armed with hubby's mobile phone and some peace and quiet this afternoon, we finally got round to producing a little video for you.  Please bear in mind this is the first video I've ever done and uploaded to YouTube, so be nice, won't you?

Hope you like the video and can take away a little something for yourself to help you in your colouring.  Now I've broken my duck (so to speak) in the world of videos and YouTube, I may just do another soon.

Thanks for watching.



Loopylou. said...

its a fabulous tutorial rosie, can't wait to try it out in a few minutes and look forward to some more!!!! hugs Lou xxxx

Ali said...

Thanks for this xx

Maz said...

Great video - nice to see a use for the Blender pen - I hardly use it so perhaps I'll use it a bit more now!

Pam said...

Another great tutorial, thanks so much for sharing!


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