Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales

I had a wonderful and long planned weekend away dressed in my pj's in the Yorkshire Dales last weekend with Kirsty Wiseman

Janet Bower

and Roz Carter.

We hired a beautiful converted barn with the most amazing light coming through 3 sets of Velux windows in to the upstairs living quarters.

Which gave us the most incredible views from the windows:

We all took turns cooking meals and ate some wonderful dishes including Roz's Tarte Tatin inspired by Saturday morning TV cooking programmes.

After which we had to go for a little walk still in our pj's to here

to burn of some indulged calories.

Where we climbed to the top

and enjoyed the most incredible views across the Yorkshire Moors

Janet wants that big farmhouse over there to live in...

Were there 3 or 4 Charlie's Angels?  Well in our re-take there were 4 of us on the top of our rock.

I don't remember the steps being that steep on the way up

We posed for the camera...

Before walking back to the barn, taking piccies on the way

Look I'm a bird!

This is one of the bedrooms - I want that room at home!

Smile for the camera Kirsty, put your tongue away!

Then Kirsty & Janet had a competition to see who could fit the most pieces of popcorn into their mouths.  Dirty mares! LOL.


danemi1 said...

looks like you had a blast - please please can I come next time - looks brill!

Traceyr said...

Hilarious Rosie thumbsup to a wonderful weekend away. x

Karen said...

Awe it looks like you all had a fabulous time honey! That place looks stunning! HUGS XXX

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Great pics and fab memories, cosie Rosie. X

sarah copeland said...

ahh, looks like u had a fab weekend, and i adore that piccy of you on the gate! u look fab!


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