Saturday, 4 September 2010

Monster sized Spider!

I know we're not the only ones at the moment experiencing bloody mahoosive spiders, but I had to share this one that we caught running across my son's bedroom the other night.  (This is the 3rd such massive spider in recent weeks - where do they come from?  How do they get so big without being seen before they've grown to Titanic proportions?

Anyone who knows me is aware of my inherent fear of spiders.  I hyperventilate (even when I'm trying to be brave around the kids) at the mere sight, especially of a big one like this.  Even Will found it a bit daunting to catch.  I could only get the camera out after I knew the jar was firmly sealed.

If it were left to me, this fella would have either been

a) DEAD!
b) Sucked up in the Hoover and the bag emptied into the wheelie bin.
c) DEAD!
d) DEAD!

There is NO WAY I'd have caught it and let it out in the front garden.  I told him to go at least to the end of the street to free it, but he was having none of my instructions. Bad hubby!

Check the hairy legs out... it has longer, thicker, blacker hairs than a female German shot-putter!  And look at the size of those pincer thingies on it's ass!!!!

This jar is over 3 1/2" in diameter which just gives you an idea of the size of the hairy little bugger!


Night all, don't let the spiders bite! ;-)


Sally H said...

Oh wow, Rosie! What a beauty! I LOVE spiders. Something so fascinating about all those legs and the eight eyes too!

Gez said...

Sorry for typing in capitals but can you imagine the fright when I saw your sp-sp-spider appear on my side-bar!!!
Hubby was once out & one was up high where I couldn't reach it! That's how I know hair spray works!! Completely stuck it to the wall!! Oooh I'll never forget it was that big it had elbows.. aarrrh!
Sweet Dreams. x x x
Big round of applause for Will.xx

Karen said...

er...keep that away from me too!!!! I can cope...just...with normal spiders but cornspiders....NO THANK YOU! Just have to add that Will should have gone down the street to release it my lovely as they can just walk back in XXX

Kathy said...

Oh my word, that is a biggie!
Must be the season for them - hubby evicted a monster one from here the other night too.

Hope you're doing ok, chat soon maybe?

Deanne said...

i've currently got one of those rosie, it may well be the momma i have :(
first it was in the dining room yesterday, then my mate came round to get it and it was gone!
now this morning its in the living room by the tv :(

Traceyr said...

Haha you did maeke me laugh with making Will walk down the street! But think of all the flies and other nasties that he was eating. hahaha :)

stitchstickandsew said...

I would have died if that walked across my floor Hyperventilate I would have been out of the room up the street Rosie!!!


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