Friday, 13 November 2009

Hello, only me!

I've really been MIA, on emails, texts and blogs recently.  I've had the most awful migraine which peaked this week with such force.  Wednesday found me struggling with my vision and my balance so much that I packed myself off to bed at 7pm.  Yesterday the early night previously had started to knock it on it's merry way (thankfully!) and I started to feel slightly normal again (no comments please! LOL)  I've had to avoid the computer in the evenings as I sit in front of one all day, every day at work and it's been very hard.

It's still lingering around but I can at least stand without feeling nauseous, listen to music and look at a computer screen for a little while.   I've not been in my craft studio for almost a week either - now that was HARD to do!!!!

My son turns 14 next week (oh, how those years have flown by!) so last week we went out to buy his pressie.  He wants a watch and I managed to get him a gorgeous French Connection one at a bargain price because the jeweller didn't have the box!   Like he's going to wear the box on his wrist!!! Anyway at 75% off the price it was certainly worth having no box.

Not only did we find Jacob a watch in the jewellers, but I spied a gorgeous ring (as you do!)  I'm not one for lots of flash jewellery and what I have I wear.  My original engagement ring was a solitaire but with a sneeze of a diamond (it WAS 1986 after all and I was only 18 and Will was 21 and we were buying our first house at the time).  The ring split years back so Will replaced it with a diamond cluster, but it was never my solitaire.  Anyhoo.... I told him I'd seen this ring that I liked when Jacob and I got home.  Next thing, he'd got his coat and shoes on - "Are you going to walk the dog?"  I ask.  "No" he says, "We're going to buy you that ring you've seen!  I've waited over 20 years for you to say that you've seen a piece of jewellery that you REALLY like and you never have, until today."  So it went like this:  coat and shoes... car... car park... jewellers... bling on my finger with this piece of gorgeousness!  Not only did I get my solitaire (much bigger diamond this time too) but I got a little piece of rare Welsh gold to wrap it round my finger with!

I'm totally paranoid about losing it and use that as an excuse to admire it several times a day!  She sparkles like, well like a sparkly diamond ring! LOL.

Santa has come early for me and brought my birthday pressie with him too!  Diamonds really ARE a girls' best friend! LOL.  Well, next to my husband and kids, it's my best friend!!!


Kathy said...

Good to hear you're feeling better Rosie. Thank you for my card - it as such a lovely surprise the other morning. Things have been so hectic around here and it's so easy to lose touch with those who matter, isn't it?
I love my DH to bits, but right now I wish he could come and learn some "How to make your wife happy" tips from yours!

Gez said...

Hope your over the worst with your migrane honey. Loving your bling...enjoy.xx

Traceyr said...

Wow Rosie isn't Will a sweetie buying you that ring. It is gorgeous. :)

Linda said...

Hope the migraines have passed now. That ring sure is a beauty - lucky you!

Linda x

sarah copeland said...

Aww, that is such a lovely thing for your husband to say and do! Its gorgeous :)


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