Sunday, 11 March 2007

Rutland Water


What a lovely day today - bright spring sunshine, fairly warm too, so we deciced to take the kids and the dog to Rutland Water (Europe's largest man made reservoir) which is about 20 minutes away. Loaded the bikes into the truck and off we went.

Still a bit muddy and wet in the trees but the kids had a great time cycling through it - beware washing machine, you've got serious work to do! Had Maisy off the lead for pretty much the whole of the walk and she behaved too! OOh, apart from one point where she found a couple of people sitting on a bench and decided to sit on the bloke's knee! Quick apology later, we retrieved the dog!

Freya pretty tired by the time we got back to the truck, bless her she was just nodding off when we got home. She'll sleep well tonight!!

Had to bath Maisy as soon as we got in - disadvantage of having a white dog on a muddy walk through the woods! Will got the short straw there while I was cooking dinner. Needless to say he looked as much of a drowned rat as Maisy did!

Took a few photos which I'll add to my gallery in a mo if you wanna have a look.

Right, jobs to do - catch ya later! x
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Di said...

Awww fab photo hun, it would make a great scrapbook I'll look forward to the pic of your layout when you've done it!

Di W said...

Looks like you all had a brill time!

Caroline said...

It is a lovely picture Rosie, sounds like you had a nice day too!


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