Friday, 2 March 2007

I'm a happy mummy!!!!

FANTASTIC news!!!! We had to put Jacob's application in to choose his secondary school by the end of October last year and finally heard today that he got his place at our first choice - Brooke Weston City Technology College in Corby. The county league tables were published last night in the local newspaper - again the school was placed at number 1 in Northamptonshire.

He had to sit an entrance test in November last year just after his 11th birthday, so it's been a long anxious wait for us all. No doubt it has seemed much longer for Jacob.

It is consistently in the top 5 comprehensive schools in England. Can't wish for a better educational opportunity for him. Just hope that he can use this fabulous opportunity that he's been given to his best abilities.

You can't imagine how proud I feel of my son at the moment. He is top of the tree in my eyes. Smart boy that his is, he managed to take a slight advantage of his dad (following 4 pints while we were out for dinner with friends) and con him out of £25.00 as a reward for getting in. That was on top of £5 he got from his Grandad - little monkey! HAHA!

Well done Jacob, I am so proud of you and love you to bits.

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Beth said...

Lovely news for your son's school. It's so relieving to hear that for our children, well done. Beth XX


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