Friday, 20 April 2012

British Blogger in support of British Flowers

My lovely friend, Vanessa Kimbell, a fellow local Northamptonshire girl, author and creator of the gorgeous recipe book 'Prepped' is starting a campaign to make us think about the miles that our flowers travel to adorn our lives and homes. 

Over 80% of the flowers that we buy have been flown halfway around the world and all too frequently from countries where the rights and welfare of the workers haven't been given due credence.  I know that some countries are reliant on our business and I really don't wish to encourage you to turn your back on those completely as we all have to earn our living to eat and stay healthy.  What I would like you to consider though is whether you can buy a British alternative.  Our climate may now be hot or tropical but it does produce some of the most amazingly beautiful and delicate blooms that the eye can behold.  Take the Sweet Pea for example...

They're delicate and incredibly beautiful; they have an amazing scent and will grow in abundance given the love and tending of even a novice pair of hands.

These Cosmos flowers are so beautiful and so different in variety to each other; from the delicate pastel shades of Sweet Sixteen to the striking richness of Rubenza.

Whilst these Zinnia's are just bold, spectacular and a miriad of colour!

To kick start British Bloggers in Support of British Flowers Campaign, Vanessa has invited  some fellow food & lifestyle bloggers to step up and make a difference by growing our own posy.  This is so exciting because Thompson and Morgan have offered the seeds and a fabulous prize to the best bouquet to make this campaign happen and it’s going to be gorgeous! 

You too can support this change by looking out and buying British flowers in your local supermarket, farmers markets or farm shops.  When buying a bouquet from your florist, why not ask for British flowers to guarantee the freshest, most in season blooms to adorn the recipient's life?

I've signed up to Vanessa's British Flowers Challenge and can't wait for my seeds to arrive so that I can plant and tend to them whilst watching them bloom in to spectacular home grown beauties.

Over the next few weeks, Vanessa will be researching British flowers that are currently in bloom and will be sharing those results with us.  Why not follow her and all us blooming marvellous people as we proceed to bring some home grown British colour to our lives?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing
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Flower Express said...

I agree with you that supporting local producers is certainly worth it, and there are quite a few reasons for that.
Buying locally grown flowers not only ensures freshness but also that scents will be more intense and colors more vivid. Another benefit is the value created for the local economy, which means a source of income for people you meet and greet every day. There is also a big possibility that this income will return to you, through the purchases of your products and services by local people. Of course, the best option is to try to grow your own flowers, for example in your backyard garden, and have freshly cut flowers every single day of the year, with different varieties depending on the season.


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