Thursday, 27 October 2011


Another article I wrote ages ago was on using UTEE or, to give it it's full name, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel.

This is such a versatile product to use, and it's not fussy what you use it on.... chipboard, metal brads and other objects.

To use it you'll need to have a heat embossing gun and an inkpad like a Versamark or other pad that stays sticky for a while. I use a cheap non-stick baking tray to put my item into to heat up my powders so that the end product doesn't stick to it. You use it pretty much the same way as you would embossing powder but it's a bit thicker and can provide the most wonderfully thick, glossy finish.

I've added a few photos to show you how it can be used.

I die cut a flower from some chipboard and painted it with gold acrylic paint. I then inked it and coated it in UTEE before melting the first layer. You can (if you're quick) pour some more UTEE on top of that layer, but as I've been burnt in the past by picking it up (and it is VERY hot!) I let it cool for a few seconds before re-inking and coating it again. The first layer tends to give an 'orange peel' kind of texture, becoming smoother the more layers you add. I find that 3 layers are adequate for a smooth, glossy finish.

On this one, I added some beads between the second and the final layer for a bit of colour and added texture.

This is simply a brad which has been triple embossed with UTEE to give a raised 'wet' look to it. Mind your fingers when heating metal - use long nosed tweezers.

It would be lovely for you to show us what you have made with UTEE.

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