Thursday, 19 May 2011

Please help save Daisy.

I have a lovely friend called Janey who struggles immensely with her own health not to mention being mother to a great (but mentally tiring) son, Tom, who suffers from Aspergers.  Tom has a gorgeous little Jack Russell called Daisy who injured herself really badly earlier this week and now needs an operation to repair her cruciate ligament (you'll have heard of that injury no doubt from the football world, which can, and has ended the careers of footballers).

To add to everything Janey has to put up with and cope with in life, she doesn't have the spare funds each month to pay for Pet Insurance (which it turns out probably wouldn't have covered this operation for her anyway) and as Daisy's operation tomorrow (20th May) is going to cost approx. £1600 (yes, I know... that's a bloody huge amount of money!) a lovely lady called Kirsty Wiseman has organised a little raffle to raise funds for Daisy's operation.  The tickets are £2.00 each and you don't just get a little, paltry, worthless prize.  Oh no sireeeeee!  If you're into crafting you will be A-MAZED at what this girl has managed to muster up from her contacts and friends in the craft world (totally generous bunch of peeps!)  Just take a look at her blog HERE to see what has currently been donated (the list continues to grow as I type).  The funds will be independently audited and any excess above the price of Daisy's operation will be split between two charities; one in support of Aspergers and the other a Dog's trust.

Please folks, go and have a look at Kirsty's blog to see how you can help give Daisy a future and return Tom's best friend to him, fit and healthy again.  Those that know how much emotional help a pet can give to a child with Aspergers will, I'm sure, appreciate what is trying to be done.

There are details on Kirsty's blog on how to donate.  Closing date is 24th May.  Please don't forget.

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Gez said...

Hi Rosie..hope you are well my lovely ♥♥ to Kirsty's..take care..xx


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