Saturday, 29 January 2011

Retro toy - do you remember having one too?

Will has this retro T-Shirt that's orange with a familiar smiley face on it, so when I saw this little fella in John Lewis before Christmas, I couldn't help but buy it for him as a stocking filler from the kids.

You know what it's like.... you're just about to press the shutter and the old bugger bounces out of the frame!

So obviously I had to take another of him sitting still and posing properly for a piccie.

This young lady was desperate to have a go, but as she's so little, it was a bit of a challenge getting on it without it rolling away from her.

Ok, now for a warning....  if you have a muffin top DO NOT pose on a space hopper as it really is NOT a flattering look!

Unfortunately we don't have a picture of Jacob on it for two reasons;
1) He was being his typical teenage hermit self and was ensconced in his bedroom on his XBox.
2) Freya took it out to play in the street and got a puncture!

The puncture was repaired with a leech and seemed to be holding, until.... she bounced on it again the next day and the bloody thing split!  Well, that was £15 well spent don't you think?  It was advertised for being strong enough for adults yet a tiny slip of a 10 year old burst it!

I'd also bought him a 'stress ball' in the shape of a space hopper in the same bright orange but that had a split when he took it out of the packaging on Christmas day!  Obviously not destined for retro fun in this household eh?

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Sue said...

Super pics Rosie, shame it didn't last though.
Sue x


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