Monday, 27 December 2010

London with Ainsley Harriott

I was incredibly lucky recently to be invited by my very lovely friend Debbie, to join her in London on a cooking masterclass day with Ainsley Harriott.  Gotta say I was hyperventilating with excitement at the prospect of

a) Cooking with Ainsley Harriott.
b) Meeting Debbie for the first time, though we've been in touch for a couple of years via t'internet.
c) Luxury hotel overnight in London.

I was NOT disappointed I can tell you! Prepare yourselves for one very heavy blog post.  (I can, can't I?  I've not blogged in an absolute age!)

Our rather posh hotel!

My mad room mate and good friend, Mel


I love this photo, so typical of his nature... friendly, happy and honest!

From the back row: Claire, Me, Debbie
Mel, Ainsley, Jane & Suzanne

The very kind, generous and really lovely Debbie.

He had just said something VERY rude to me!!!!!

Smoked duck, orange & pomegranate salad.

Spicy Caribbean Bouillabase.

Cheers Ainsley - thank you for a fantastic time.
Coffee brioche pudding.

Oh Mel!!! Get your tongue back in your own mouth woman!

I may be smiling outwardly but I was hyperventilating and stressing inside letting Ainsley sign one of my Radley bags!


Debbie, thank you for being so kind and generous and inviting me to share your wonderful experience. xxxx


Wrightboysmum said...

Wow that looks like a great day. I'm jealous. What a great friend Debbie is.

Karen said...

oooo you lucky girlie!!!!! I met Ainsley at Heathrow years ago & he has to be the warmest man I have ever met & that smile goes on for ever doesn't it?

How do you top an experience like this? HUGS XXX

Janice said...

Oh wow Rosie, that looks like a fab day. I am soooo jealous.

Traceyr said...

hahahaha that is a very cheeky smile you have on your face - I bet Ainsley said something really funny!

That food looks wonderful. Are you cooking like that at home now?



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