Sunday, 25 July 2010

Back after a break & a change

I don't really know if anyone out there noticed that I've not been around recently, but I do have a very valid reason for my absense.  Some of you may remember that I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my hands and that I was waiting for my right hand to be operated on.

Well... the op went ahead on Tuesday 8th June 2010 and has been a success.  No more pins and needles in my right hand, but they remain in my left :-(  I was advised no repetitive movements for 6 weeks along with no heavy lifting.  Unusually for me, I actually stuck to the advice that I was given and didn't even switch my laptop on for the duration.  Crafting was very difficult too so that went by the wayside as well.  My poor craft room was very neglected, just being used by me to sit on the sofa bed with a cuppa and a good book.  The first time I picked up my camera was a couple of days short of the 6 weeks as my son was with the other Air Cadets escorting our town carnival, and I never realised how heavy it was before, and my hand really ached that evening as a result.

Luckily I had crafted like mad and had scheduled Blogger to upload my challenge project for Rosie D's Challenge Blog to enable me to have the break my hand needed to recover.

It still aches but it's getting better by the day, the scar is fading nicely and some of the strength is coming back.

We also had a real scare with mum when she discovered a lump and was sent for a mammogram, ultrasound and possible biopsy.  Thankfully nan was smiling down on her daughter and everything is ok.  Tears and cuddles all round.

I also found out this morning that a friend of mine lost his battle against lung cancer which finally stole his final breath on 9th June.  I've been in contact with his wife today who apologised for not letting me know sooner.  Bless her, her priorities were with her two children and very young grandson and herself, and rightly not with me at such a difficult time. Howard was such a kind and gentle man.  A great husband, father and grandad,  unfortunately the latter was for such a short time.  He was a good friend and a wonderful driving instructor and mentor to so many people.  The world will be a sadder place without him.

I also changed jobs at the beginning of July... busy, busy, busy! LOL

Right, I really must behave now and stop typing as I've done more today than I have in the past few weeks.

Night all!



Karen said...

Oh Rosie, I am so sorry that you lost your friend & hope that he didn't suffer for long XXX

My Mum is not well and we are waiting for the doc to get into gear for the know the sort? She has lost so much weight & is now just over 6stone :(

oooooo you have changed your job??? What you doing now my lovely? HUGS XXX

Kathy said...

Lovely to see you back and blogging, Rosie - hope all the healing takes place quickly and that you're back to crafting fitness in no time flat.
I didn't know you were changing jobs - congrats on that - no more Radleys from the boss, then, I suppose....

Sorry to hear about your friend, it's always such a shock when you hear such sad news

Traceyr said...

Good to hear that you are healing well. Sorry to read about your friend.

New job? What are you doing still in the same industry?

Love to you and the family. x x x x

Gez said...

awe, Rosie sending you great BIG gentle cyber ((hugs)) sounds like you've had a right bucket load of the yucky stuff life sometimes has a habit of dishing out. Glad to hear your Mum is okay.
Here's hoping August is a much better month for you... onwards & upwards hunni.xx
Wishing you a speedy recovery, love Gez.xx


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