Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Anyone for spam?

No?!  Not me either, but unfortunately there are some sites out there trying to sell some rather dubious chemical concoctions who are having a field day leaving me comments which I cannot, for the life of me, understand!  I don't speak or understand mandarin Chinese which are most of the weird comments!

I don't know why I've suddenly become their target, all I CAN say is that "thank goodness I have comment moderation" on my blog.  I don't use word verfication (as personally, I don't like it), preferring instead to moderate my comments, thereby controlling who can and cannot leave comments - I was previously 'stalked' by a very nasty lady indeed and had to block many an evil comment from her!

If you don't have moderation on your blogs, please enable it.  It's not only Chinese comments that I'm receiving; there are others equally as dubious in their offers of medication.  You can guess their offers I'm sure, but siffice to say, last time I looked I had no 'manhood' for which to increase in size or stamina courtesy of a little blue pill! HAHA!

Spam, spam go away... You're not welcome on my blog and I don't want to play!


Janice said...

I've had the same problem Rosie. I had to put the word verification on for a while. I'm hoping I can take it off again in a while, but was getting way too many messages each day. None since I put WV on again.

Deanne said...

yeah i'm getting it all too :(

Karen said...

I am lucky as I have only had oneof these BUT it did get thru my word verification! X


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