Monday, 31 August 2009

Cricut Expression / Sure Cuts a Lot

Brenda was selling her second Cricut Expression recently, and I was lucky enough to get in there first to buy it from her.

As it came with no cartridges or mats (she's smart and is keeping these tow use herself), I also treated myself to the Home Decor cartridge and a pack of two 12"x12" mats.

Now folks, I have a dilemma... I don't want to keep shelling out for new cartridges and I can already use Inkscape which I do use for my Craft Robo files. I invest in a copy of Sure Cuts a Lot or not? Does anyone out there use it? Can you recommend it? I don't want to go down the route of Design Studio as then I can only cut using the cartridge that I've got and in order to cut more shapes, I have to buy cartridges... costly!!!!

Can someone please help me?

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