Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bridal Shower mini book

I made this little paper bag book for a lovely lady called Kate that was marrying her very handsome young man, Joe. Kate's boss very kindly held a bridal shower at her house so that we could all send Kate on her merry way to wifey-dom!

Kate is just starting out on her crafty journey and she made all her own invitations etc. So, to help her remember her evening, I made her this little paper bag book...

Anne (our fabulous hostess and creator of the most fabulous food and to die for deserts!) had arranged some great games for us to play.

We each had to wrap up a little pressie that began with our first names. Kate had to guess what was inside each parcel.

We had to take with us a recipe that began with our surname.

Kate was dressed in an apron with loads of small kitchen utensils attached to it. We had 2 minutes to memorise the apron, then write them down.

One game I was REALLY surprised at was getting points for various contents of your handbag. Now, I thought I carried loads of crud in my bag, but some of these girls..... They totally wiped me out on the points scale I can tell you! There were one or two ladies there that may have broken the 'carry on' baggage limit on a plane! LOL.

My boss, Lea (aka can't cook won't cook!) was made to give a pastry making demo, much to our hilarity. Can't say that anyone wanted to eat it but it did look sort of ok, and judging by Kate playing with it, it must have felt ok too!

We all had such a wonderful evening together.

I've been lucky enough to see some of Kate's wedding photos and she looked totally stunning. Kate and Joe got married at Kelmarsh Hall in totally amazing surroundings on a gloriously sunny day!

Wishing them many, many happy years ahead of them.


Karen said...

WOW what a great idea for a pre wedding get together! I love all the games you played and am amazed that there are peeps who have MORE than you in thier bags hahahaha

I love this little book you made too and it will be treasured for years to come XXX

Kaz said...

Wow what a fab book Rosie, I bet she was really pleased with it.


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