Sunday, 13 April 2008

I am sooo tired! But it was worth it!!

I didn't get to bed until about 2.30 this morning so am so bloody tired now!

Why did I get to bed so late? Because I met up with these three lovely ladies, that's why! We are all Craft-ED consultants and have met up at our various training days. We've established a lovely friendship too. All very similar in nature and sense of humour - not always ladylike either! ;-) From the left is Jules, Hannah and Steph.

I have a MAHOOSIVE thank you to say to the lovely Jules and her kids; Jamie who stayed at his friend's house so that the busty blonde (Hannah) could sleep in your bed. Frankie who stayed at her nan's with her little sister Izzy so that I could sleep in her bed and Jules who gave her bed up to Steph and slept on the sofa bed in the study. Thanks Jules for putting up with us all. You have the most inspriational house that I have ever been into. There are examples of your wonderful work everwhere. I bow to your superior mojo!




We had a lovely day, Jules, Steph and myself at a crop in Penkridge. Then it was back to Jules' house to wait for Hannah to arrive before nipping to the pub down the road for dinner (YUM!). We were all desperate to get back to Jules' house, change into our PJ's and then crop/talk/laugh/take the p*ss out of each other until the wee small hours.

I can't believe I actually managed to make 4 pages last night!!!

I was going to share a photo of me being very silly, but bugger that! I've seen it and it's awful!

I'll post piccies of my LO's when I've photographed them.


Janice said...

Looks like fun Rosie. Hmmm large glasses of wine involved from what I can see, hope you manged to keep your LOs straight hee hee hee

Karen said...

Am so glad that you had a loverly time Rosie. Its great to make new crafty buddies! XXX

Angelnorth said...

Glad you had fun Rosie (and not all alcohol-induced!). Good luck with the Corby crop group!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I have to add here, as it is VERY rare that I drink, I was totally sober and on the J2O & Soda water followed by a few glasses of original cloudy lemonade!

I wasn't the one drunk, was I Steph and Hannah? LOL xx


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